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Anonymous asked: From a spanked sub to the "how to blend it with romance" ask: i think Dwp does it perfectly, but so does my husband. He holds my hand when he's falling asleep, he strokes my hair, he brings me tea in the morning or coffee, he makes dinner when I'm busy and brings it to me at my desk, he lifts the world off my shoulders. When I'm irritable and difficult, he puts me over his knee and spanks me until I ask for forgiveness. You don't have to be all tough as nails to have her at your feet.


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Anonymous asked: I was wondering what ways there are to keep up a sub/dom relationship with a toddler in the house because obviously it cuts out the whole cleaning naked sort of thing. Thank you.



I have enough trouble with roommates, I can’t imagine having to work around a toddler. 


Still, just think of things you can do secretly in public and apply it to the home as well. 

Instead of a collar, use a choker or a special necklace. 

Plugs and eggs can certainly be used under clothing. Especially the remote control variety. ;-) 

Rituals don’t necessarily have to be sexual in nature to let you feel submissive either. 

Spending twenty minutes, just because He told you to, sitting still and thinking about your submission can do wonders for your day. 

Doing a blog post per day, like a journal or diary of how you are feeling or what you have been thinking about. 

For future reference…